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AS-6 84

AS-6 84" (7Ft.) Wide Commercial Door Astragal

AS-6 84" (7Ft.) Wide Commercial Door Astragal

Price: $43.71

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• Extruded Aluminum Channel Weatherstrip
• Retrofits U.S. Aluminum Adjustable Astragal
• No weatherstripping included with astragal
• Astragal Length: 84" (7FT.)
• For replacement of meeting stile astragals found on existing U.S. Aluminum doors
• Astragal comes spring loaded with weatherseal on two sides for optimum air resistance (Weatherstripping Not Included)
• Uses WS125500BL and WS125360GR as replacement weatherstripping
• NOTE: Preparation lock cut-out required

Astragal Finishes:
• Clear Anodized Aluminum
• Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum {Reviews}
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