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4111 EDA Complete Surface Closer "PUSH" Side

4111 EDA Complete Surface Closer

The 4110 is LCN’s best performing heavy duty closer designed specifically for institutional and other rugged high traffic applications.

Product Description & Features:
• Functions: Non-Hold Open or Hold Open
• EDA - Extra Duty Arm
• Standard 4110 series closer shipped with Extra Duty arm, standard
plastic cover, Fifth Screw Spacer and self reaming and tapping screws.
• Sized cylinders adjustable for interior doors to 5’0” and exterior doors to 4’0”.
• Non-sized cylinder adjustable for interior doors to 4’6” and exterior doors to 3’6”.
• Closer mounts parallel arm
• 4111 cylinder meets ADA requirements.
• The 4110 Series is UL and ULC listed for self-closing doors without holdopen.
• Tested and certified under ANSI Standard A156.4, grade one.
Select Function:

Total Price: $257.40

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