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4040XP-3049CNS H-Cush Arm

4040XP-3049CNS H-Cush Arm

Price: $148.20

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• Finishes: Aluminum (689) & Dark Bronze (695)
• HCush-N-Stop Arm (HCUSH) is for the LCN 4040 & 4040XP series surface closers
• Hold Open - Arm that holds the door in an open position until manually closed
• Parallel Arm - Arm is mounted on the push side of the door and the arm assembly extends almost parallel to the door
• Non-Handed - Reversible
• Provides hold-open function with templated stop/hold-open points.
• Handle controls hold-open function.

Application: The LCN 4040-3049CNS hold open cush-n-stop arm is a heavy duty parallel arm with a positive stop for high volume traffic or potentially abusive installation conditions. {Reviews}
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