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1803BC Fixed Spring Door Closer

1803BC Fixed Spring Door Closer

1803BC Fixed Spring Door Closer

Price: $43.39

{Description}Product Description & Features:
• Size Range: 1803-BC
• Narrow design permits installation on most glass and aluminum doors without adapters
• Standard application for regular arm and Top Jamb installation; parallel arm installation
• Two Adjustment Valves: Closing and Latching speeds controlled by separate regulating valves, adjustable after installation. (Three valves with optional back-check)
• Back Check included
• 5 year Warranty

Spring Tension Size:
• Size 3
• Maximum Door Size: Interior 42" (1.07m) / Exterior Inswing 30" (0.76m) / Exterior Outswing 36" (0.91m)
• Maximum Door Weight: 99-143 lbs. (45-65 Kg)

Compliance Standard:
• Factory tested to meet or exceed ANSI 156.4 Grade 1
• Barrier Free operation to comply with Federal Accessibility Standards (ADA) complying with ANSI 117.1

• AL - Aluminum
• DU - Storefront Dark Bronze

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