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1250 Complete Surface Closer (1-5)

1250 Aluminum Non-Hold Open Surface Closer1250 Aluminum Hold Open Surface Closer1250 Dark Bronze Non-Hold Open Closer1250 Dark Bronze Hold Open Closer

1250 Complete Surface Closer (1-5)

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Total Price: $70.75

{Description}Spring Size: Adjustable Spring Size 1-5

Product Description & Features:
• 1250 Series: Light Duty
• Designed for low-frequency and low-abusive traffic areas
• Ideal for aluminum storefronts and interior offices
• Perfect choice for aftermarket replacement
• For aluminum, hollow metal, or wood swinging doors and frames
• Can be used with hinge or pivot mounted door
• Mounts on a 1-3/4' transom without adapter plates
• Adapter plates and other installation accessories available for unusual conditions
• 1000 Series closers standard offering: Tri-pack mounting, which includes arms for regular pull side, top jamb or parallel arm mounting. A 62PA SHOE is required for parallel arm mount.
• Cast aluminum body
• Patent pending design
• Universal screw pack
• Full complement bearing
• Adjustable spring sizes
• Non-handed

• 1250 Series: 15 year limited warranty

• Refer to “SPECIFICATIONS” section for suggested architectural specifications.

• High strength cast aluminum cylinder
• Forged steel main arm for all EDA, Cush, and SCUSH
• Heat treated pinion
• All weather fluid for cast aluminum performs to -30 degrees
• High efficiency, full complement, low friction bearings
• Tamper resistant regulating screws
• Full rack and pinion hydraulic action

Closer Finishes:
• Aluminum - 689
• Dark Bronze - 695

• UL listed for self-closing doors without hold-open under “SWINGING DOOR CLOSERS” (GVEV). Tested and certified under ANSI Standard A156.4 grade one. Consult factory for details.
• Grade 1 – ANSI 156.4
• UL/cUL
• Closers to meet ADA reduced opening force requirement
• 100 Salt Spray
• BAA – Buy American Act
• Positive Pressure
• LCN closers have been certified for three hours by UL to be in compliance with UBC 7-2 (1997) and UL 10C. Contact LCN for specific details on door closer fire ratings.

• 1250 series closers are shipped with: A standard universal screw pack:
• Self-reaming and tapping screws (SRT)
• Machine screws and wood screws
• Standard LCN thru bolts (TB) can be installed on 1-3/4" (44 mm) thick doors with 1/4-20 machine screws
• Optional thru bolt (TB) sizes are available for 1-5/8" (41 mm) or 1-3/8" (35 mm) door thickness, must be specified when ordering

• Closers mounted according to LCN installation instructions require no periodic maintenance.

1250 Series Cross Reference:
• LCN - 1250
• Norton - 1600
• Sargent - 1130
• Yale - 50
• Dorma - 7400

• 1250 Series: Light Duty:
• 18 - Plate for Hinge Side Mount (18)
• 18PA - Plate for Parallel Arm (18PA)
• 61 - Blade Stop for Cush Shoe Support (61)
• Optional Slim Line Plastic Cover (72)
• Optional SRI

• The patent-pending 1250 Series offers an alternative closer solution at competitive prices, and includes LCN quality, engineering, reliability and service. This closer is ANSI Grade 1 certified, constructed of durable cast aluminum and built with top-quality components to provide years of worry-free performance in light duty door control applications.

• Designed for low-frequency and low-abusive traffic areas, the 1250 Series is ideal for aluminum storefronts, interior offices and other applications. The closer features dependable operation, low maintenance and slim line cover. Also, with the most common hole pattern in the industry, the 1250 Series is primed for easy aftermarket replacement. {PDFs} Click on the links below to download Catalog Information, instructions & templates for this product: {Videos}
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