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Surface Closers Surface Closers
A Surface Closer is a mechanical device that is mounted to the surface of the door or frame. It closes the door after someone manually opens it, or after it was automatically opened by an electrified opener. Door closers have internal springs and hydraulic oil with cylinders. All door closers have valves that adjust the speed of the door closing and latching. Surface closers can be used on any door, glass and aluminum, wood and metal doors.
DCSC Surface Closers
DCSC Surface Closers
Door Closer Services own brand of surface closer. Our surface closers provide smooth operation at a quality price.
Cast aluminum body structure for long lasting operation. Standard replacements for brands like Norton, Hager, and LCN etc.
Dorma Surface Closers
Dorma Surface Closers
DORMA's complete line of door controls offer advanced technology designs, traditional architectural, and commercial products that are both beautiful as well as functional to meet the demands of any building design. All products comply with barrier-free requirements and can be used with aluminum, wood or hollow metal doors and frames.
Hager Surface Closers
Hager Surface Closers
Ideal for schools, hospitals, and other high-use environments. One piece seamless steel spring tube. Double heat treated steel, tempered springs. Adjustable latching and sweep speed valves. Full rack and pinion operation. Precision machined, heat treated steel piston.
Norton Surface Closers
Norton Surface Closers
Norton Surface Closers provide smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle. Norton offers a complete range of surface closers designed to meet virtually any application demand.
LCN Surface Closers
LCN Surface Closers
From schools and healthcare facilities, to sports arenas, government buildings and other commercial setting, LCN closers are the toughest, smoothest and most reliable door closers in the business. The LCN surface mounted closers includes heavy-duty closers for interior and exterior doors and standard duty.
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