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Kawneer Husky 2 Retrofit Kit
Kawneer Husky 2 Retrofit Kit Kawneer Husky 2 Retrofit Kit Converts Your Existing T-Bar To Support a Husky 2 Concealed Overhead Closer
HUSKY 2 105º NHO Replacement Concealed Overhead Door Closer
HUSKY 2 105 NHO Replacement Concealed Overhead Door Closer

Kawneer - HUSKY 2 105º NHO Replacement Concealed Overhead Door Closer

Select Spring Tension:

Price: $111.90

• Replacement Concealed Overhead Closer for Kawneer Husky 2, Jackson, Calibre, and International
• 105º Degree Swing
• Non-Hold Open
• Non-Handed
• Double Acting - Doors may be modified to single acting by applying a surface stop on the frame header or transom bar

• Extra Light Duty (50-621)
• Light Duty (50-624)
• Regular Duty (50-627)
• Heavy Duty (50-630)

• Incorporates full hydraulic and spring power control.
• The closer will consist of a steel cam, rollers and springs along with heavy-duty ball bearings at the spindle, all housed in a compact reinforced wall cast iron body.
• The closer meets ANSI 156.4 Grade 1 certification and comes with a 5-year warranty.
• Closing and latching speeds are separately adjustable with easy access.
• The closer allows 105 degree opening
• A minimum 1-3/4" x 4" (44.5 x 101.6) transom bar or header is required to accept this closer

Concealment of the closer maintains smooth unbroken lines of the door and frame. The closer is used with center-hung exterior or interior double acting doors. The closer is compatible with all Kawneer doors as well as most of the framing systems. The closer is suitable for areas of medium to high traffic volume.
50-719 HUSKY 2 Offset Arm Package
50-719 HUSKY 2 Offset Arm Package

Kawneer - 50-719 HUSKY 2 Offset Arm Package

Price: $37.50

• Offset arm for the Husky 2 Concealed Overhead Door Closer

Description: This application of the concealed closer offers the same aesthetic and functional advantages of the double acting closer along with the superior weathering of an offset hung door and the over-swing control provided by a built-in door stop. The door, hung on either butt hinges, continuous hinge or offset pivots, makes continuous contact with Sealair® weatherstripping at top and side jambs. Door control is achieved through the concealed top arm which is attached to the closer shaft and connected to a guide shoe sliding in a stainless steel track concealed in the top rail of the door. An aluminum block with a rubber cushion mounted in the guide track provides a shock-absorbing stop at approximately 105 degrees.

Application: The concealed top arm is adaptable to most Kawneer entrance doors. This door control system is suited for areas of medium and high traffic volume.

Track Dimensions:
• Length: 12-1/4"
• Width:1-7/16"
• Height: 5/16"
Center Hung Arm Package 1" End Load Arm
Center Hung Arm Package 1

Kawneer - Center Hung Arm Package 1" End Load Arm

• End-Load Application
• Application: Used for 1" (25 mm) Depth Top Rails
• Mounting Block and Screw Pack Included
• No Lateral and Centering Adjustment
• The two bolts in the end of the Arm adjust the centering of the door

• Replacement Center Hung End Load Arm Package for the Kawneer Husky 2, DCSC, Jackson, Calibre, & International Concealed Overhead Closers

Price: $20.00
50-771-2 1-3/4" Door Retrofit Bracket Package
50-771-2 1-3/4

Kawneer - 50-771-2 1-3/4" Door Retrofit Bracket Package

Select Bracket Size:

Price: $25.20

Closer Hanger Bracket Sizes:
•4" Bracket - (50-771)
•4-1/2" Bracket - (50-772)

• For 1-3/4" Doors
• Retrofit Clip and Screws Included
450-147 Retrofit Cover Package
450-147 Retrofit Cover Package

Kawneer - 450-147 Retrofit Cover Package

Select Finish:

Price: $63.07

Application: Husky 2 Replacement Cover

• Length: 25-3/8"
• Width: 3-9/16"
• Height: 1/8"

• 17 - (Aluminum)
• 40 - (Dark Bronze)
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