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Kawneer Kawneer North America offers architectural aluminum building products and systems for the commercial construction industry. They offer a dynamic range of innovative, high performing products and systems for both renovation and new construction. Kawneer provides customers with a comprehensive product portfolio that includes entrances, framing systems, windows and curtain wall systems.
Husky 2 Concealed Overhead Door Closers
Husky 2 Concealed Overhead Door Closers
Kawneer Husky 2 concealed overhead door closer is compatible with all Kawneer doors as well as most of the framing systems. The closer is suitable for areas of medium to high traffic volume.

• Extra Light Duty
• Light Duty
• Regular Duty
• Heavy Duty
Husky Arm Parts
Husky Arm Parts
Shotgun Husky & Husky 2 Arms Parts For Concealed Overhead Door Closers

• Offset & Center Hung Arms
• Flat Head Socket Screws
Husky 2 Retrofit Kit
Husky 2 Retrofit Kit
Kawneer Husky 2 Retrofit Kit Converts Your Existing T-Bar To Support a Husky 2 Concealed Overhead Closer
Pivot Sets
Pivot Sets
Dogging Kits
Dogging Kits
Screw-In weatherstripping
Mall Sliders - Rollers
Mall Sliders - Rollers
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