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Commercial Thresholds

Commercial Thresholds

Commercial Thresholds by Pemko, also called saddles, are made to transition under a door that seals out the weather. Door Closer Service carries a large variety of thresholds in stock. All of our thresholds are made out of aluminum. Thresholds can be used in varied applications such as wheelchair access etc.

Saddle Thresholds
Saddle Thresholds
Saddle thresholds are symmetrical shapes designed to span a given area, usually under a door.
Half Saddle/Offset Saddle Thresholds
Half Saddle/Offset Saddle Thresholds
Half Saddle/Offset Saddle thresholds are commonly used to meet with an irregular floor surface. These shapes are often used when a threshold is required to meet with tile or carpet on one side.
Vinyl Thresholds With Stop Strips
Vinyl Thresholds With Stop Strips
Stop Strips are often applied to saddle thresholds or floor plates. They are used to provide a door stop and seal at the bottom of the door. Stop strips can also be used to create a custom panic threshold for use with an exit rod device.
Threshold Elevators
Threshold Elevators
Elevator shapes are designed to raise the height of a saddle threshold. Elevators can also be used to make a custom threshold for a special offset condition.
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