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4089 Exit Indicator

4089 Exit Indicator

4089 Exit Indicator4089 Exit Indicator

The 4089 Exit Indicator provides exit door notification for various Adams Rite deadlocks. Made for Aluminum, Hollow Metal, and Wood Doors

Function: Provides unmistakable notification of an exit door’s "locked" or "open" condition. Under many local building safety codes, this allows the use, in certain occupancies, of a security deadlock instead of less secure panic devices. It includes two permanent adhesive header signs: "THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED DURING BUSINESS HOURS." (that wording is according to Uniform Building Code). The second sign for NFPA and other local codes reads: "THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED WHEN THE BUILDING IS OCCUPIED."


Message Panel:
• "OPEN" appears in black letters on white background when lock is retracted and "LOCKED" in red letters when actuated. Also available with red (locked) and green (unlocked) wordless panels.

• Indicator escutcheon is zinc alloy
• Indicator is 130 (Satin Aluminum) or 121 (Dark Bronze) Finish
• Header sign is clear aluminum match with black letters.

• Standard unit fits 1-3/4" doors. Specify for thicker doors up to 2-1/2".
Installation Sheets/Templates:

Price: $31.20

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