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1461 Complete Surface Closer with Regular Arm & Parallel Bracket

1461 Complete Surface Closer with Regular Arm & Parallel Bracket

1461 Complete Surface Closer with Regular Arm & Parallel Bracket

Product Description & Features:
• Designed for maximum versatility, the 1460, available with multiple cover options, can be used for both commercial and institutional applications. This fully universal closer offers a wide variety of options and new fast and accurate installation.
• UL and cUL listed for self-closing doors without hold-open.
• Tested and certified under ANSI Standard A156.4, grade one.

Features Common to 1000 Series:
• 1000 series closers mount three ways. Closers with regular or hold-open arm mount hinge side or top jamb. Parallel arm, designated with a "P", closers include - 62PA Shoe required for parallel arm mount. 1460T mounts hinge side, top jamb (pull side) and stop face.
• Non-handed for right and left swinging doors
• Closers to meet ADA reduced opening for requirements
• Adjustable hydraulic backcheck cushions opeing swing prior to 90 degrees
• Separate regulation of general closing speed and latching speed
• Joints in arm and shoe adapt to uneven trim
• Reversible shoe to boost latching power on double lever arms

• Standard 1460 series closer shipped with regular arm, a slim line plastic cover, and self reaming and tapping screws
• Multiple cover options include; Standard (Slim line), Full and Designer Series
• Non-sized (1-6) cylinder is adjustable for interior doors to 5’0” and exterior doors to 4’0”
• Closer mounts hinge side, top jamb and parallel arm on either right or left swinging doors
• Closer meets ADA requirements
• Standard or optional custom powder coat finish. Optional plated finish on Designer Series metal cover, arm and fasteners
• Optional SRI primer for installations in corrosive conditions

• Aluminum - 689
• Dark Bronze - 695
Select Finish:
Select Function:

Total Price: $186.00

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